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When was the last time you headed out to shop just for the fun of it? Although many people consider shopping a chore, the fact of the matter is that getting out there and doing what you can to score a few great deals can really pay off in the end. I have always loved the art of finding a deal, so I started thinking about different ways that I could add more interesting shopping into my life. Check out this blog for insightful ideas on how to shop for success--even when you aren't quite sure what you are looking for.


Provide These Details When You Get Fitted For A Custom Thickness Pillow

28 March 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you're someone who wants to improve the quality with which he or she sleeps, upgrading your pillow can be a good first step. Instead of buying a new pillow from the bedding department of your local big box store, consider making an investment in yourself and having a custom thickness queen size pillow built for you. In order to have this pillow built to perfectly suit your body, you'll need to provide lots of information about yourself and how you sleep. Read More …

3 Strategies For Selling Gold

6 February 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you have gold, you can always be sure that you have something that can be exchanged for cash if you need it. However, not all gold pieces have the same value, and the cash that different places are offering for the same gold can vary quite a bit. If you find yourself in need of cash and ready to get rid of some gold you're not using, it's important to know how to get the most cash for the gold you have. Read More …