Provide These Details When You Get Fitted For A Custom Thickness Pillow

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Provide These Details When You Get Fitted For A Custom Thickness Pillow

28 March 2019
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If you're someone who wants to improve the quality with which he or she sleeps, upgrading your pillow can be a good first step. Instead of buying a new pillow from the bedding department of your local big box store, consider making an investment in yourself and having a custom thickness queen size pillow built for you. In order to have this pillow built to perfectly suit your body, you'll need to provide lots of information about yourself and how you sleep. Here are some details that the pillow company will need to know from you.

Your Sleeping Style

One of the most important details in having a custom thickness pillow built for you is the manner in which you sleep. Whether you sleep on your front, your back, or your side, this will influence how thick the pillow should be. For example, if you're a side sleeper, the pillow will need to comfortably fit between the mattress and the side of your head. If you sleep on your front, however, the pillow will need to be much thinner so that it doesn't hold your head at an angle that leads to neck pain.

Your Neck Length

It might sound like a strange measurement to know about yourself, but the pillow manufacturer will commonly need to know how long your neck is. Regardless of the position of your body while you sleep, your pillow needs to properly support your head by cradling your neck. If your neck is a little shorter or longer than average, a standard, store-bought pillow may lack the support that you need or may be too bulky. The pillow company will give you instructions on exactly how to measure your neck so that you can do so accurately.

Your Shoulder Width

Similarly, it will be important for your custom pillow manufacturer to know the width of your shoulders, especially if you spend much of the night on your side. The broader that your shoulders, are the thicker that your custom pillow will need to be. And, conversely, if you have narrow shoulders, your pillow will need to be a little thinner than it might otherwise be. This is another measurement that the company will instruct you on how to take. By taking the time to provide these details about yourself and how you sleep, you can be confident that your pillow will fit you perfectly — resulting in a good night's sleep night after night.