Wise Tips For Buying Used Office Furniture

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Wise Tips For Buying Used Office Furniture

28 August 2023
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Comfortable and functional furniture is an essential aspect of any small or corporate office. Shopping for used office furniture is a great way to save money on this needed business expense. This allows for more available funds to spend on more critical areas, such as marketing. Once you have set a budget and assessed your office space, you're ready to start shopping. Here are a few tips for furnishing a functional and professional-looking office space.

Prioritize Quality

It's not unusual to be able to get high-quality name brands at a lower price, and they'll typically last longer than pieces crafted with low-quality materials. Quality used office furniture tends to be more attractive, which enhances professionalism and customer appeal in the work environment. This is essential to growing your business and retaining staff long-term.

Check Out Local Stores

Shopping for what your office needs locally is good for the community, the environment, and curbs costs associated with shipping potentially heavy items. Local sellers often have a showroom, so you can check out pieces firsthand. Plus, there's a lot of pleasure in supporting other local businesses that typically offer delivery, too.

About Taking That Test Run…

When buying furniture online or from a catalog, you're essentially taking a risk that the goods might not live up to your expectations. Look for any obvious dents and scratches on desks and bookcases. Office chairs should be inspected for functioning rollers and swivel features. You also want to check if the tilt, height, and recline features work well. It might not be possible to check each and every piece if you're buying for a large office, but checking out a few pieces can give you an idea of the quality the retailer offers.

Inquire Whether the Furniture is Still Under Warranty

Even if you find nice used office furniture, as if it is sold as-is or if there is an existing manufacturer's warranty. Some pieces have lifelong warranties, and some may have a warranty still in place due to customer returns. Should you find that some items are under warranty, you lucked out!

Take Advantage of Used Office Furniture for Sale

Keeping these tips in mind will help you find great furniture that fits your budget as well as your staff and client's needs. Remember, shopping locally lets you experience the quality in person. However, there are some online options, but you must be sure that what you see in the photos are the actual items you'll receive. 

For more information about buying used office furniture, reach out to a local supplier.