Three Promotional Lanyards To Order

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Three Promotional Lanyards To Order

9 February 2023
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A lanyard is a product with a wide degree of appeal, which can make it a good choice for your company to customize and give out. People use lanyards in all sorts of ways. In office environments, people often affix their identification and access cards to a lanyard. During everyday life, it's common to use a lanyard to hold house and car keys. For these reasons, you can expect that a good percentage of the people who receive your lanyards will use them — resulting in many people seeing your branding information on display. Here are three types of lanyards that promotional product companies typically have available to customize.


You'll find a lot of lanyards that have a reflective surface on one or both sides. This can be a popular item for those who want to increase their visibility at night. For example, if you have a few different lanyards available, people who often walk their dogs in the evening may choose this particular product because when it hangs around their neck, the reflective surface will catch the light from approaching vehicles. Many reflective lanyards are on the wider side, which will give you plenty of room to display your logo and some relevant wording about your company.


Another option to consider is a rope lanyard, which gets its name because it's made of rope instead of a polyester strap. Even though rope lanyards tend to be thin, they can still have printing appear along their length. While the rope is typically too thin to put a logo on, you can have your brand's name, contact information, and other details. Many rope lanyards also have a plastic slider that people can adjust based on their preferences, and it's often possible to customize the slider with wording or a logo.


While most lanyards are made of polyester, you'll also see products that are made of other materials. One example is silicone, which gives the lanyard a unique look that is somewhat similar to the popular silicone wristbands you've likely seen, albeit much longer in length. Silicone lanyards are available in a wide range of colors, and you can also choose what color of printing you want. If your company's primary colors are red and white, you might like the idea of a bright red silicone lanyard that features white printing.

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