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Shop For A Maxi Dress

13 May 2022
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A maxi dress is a versatile garment that reaches down to the ankles. This type of dress provides plenty of coverage and will work well for either a formal, semi-formal, or informal event. 

Lightweight And Deluxe Fabrics

A basic maxi dress will contain a loose, flowing skirt and a fitted bodice. There is a wide variety of style choices available, for example, a line of Oliphant maxi dresses features sleeved and sleeveless styles. This dress style is popular during the spring and summer. A garment may be constructed of twill, cotton, polyester, or another lightweight fabric that will draw moisture away from the skin.

Some manufacturers may feature more luxurious renditions of this dress style. Rich fabrics that contain shimmery accents or quilting can make a maxi dress suitable to wear during a fancy luncheon, dinner show, or another formal affair. 

Colors, Prints, And Footwear

If you tend to wear more subdued clothing styles that don't draw a lot of attention to you, shop for a maxi dress that features a muted fabric color or print and a minimal amount of accents. This type of dress may be fairly basic in design, but can still be perceived as very feminine and stylish. Pair a toned-down dress style with a pair of strappy sandals, loafers, or flats. If you will be wearing your dress while remaining active outdoors, a pair of lightweight sneakers may be a better footwear choice for you to wear with your dress.

If you are all about looking trendy and want to turn heads while you wear your new maxi dress, review some popular color and print styles that are currently in fashion. Go for a bold look, by purchasing a maxi dress that features a plunging neckline, a slide or front slit, and a 'busy' pattern.

Garment Closures

Consider how a particular garment will need to be put on and taken off. Some dresses may feature a full line of buttons that extend from the neckline to the bottom hem. Others may feature a zipper or omit accents altogether.

If you want to own a dress that can easily be put on and taken off within seconds, shop for a maxi dress that is constructed of stretchy fabric or one that contains a box-like design. This type of maxi dress can be slipped over your head. Many lightweight fabrics can be machine-washed and machine or air-dried, which may make your new maxi dress very easy to care for.