Cool Boss Tip: Wear a Star Trek Pin When Conducting a Tech Job Interview

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Cool Boss Tip: Wear a Star Trek Pin When Conducting a Tech Job Interview

23 April 2020
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Science-fiction fans will immediately recognize the significance of a pin on a Star Trek character. Usually, the pin represents authority, as Starfleet officers use pins to display rank. While all incarnations of Star Trek television shows and movies present an air of fun, the characters keep things rooted in realism. Officers are to be respected, and they don't serve as the butt of jokes. If your business wishes to hire an in-house tech assistant, you will want to establish a less melodramatic, but equally effective formal relationship. That said, you also want to attract new talent and not scare them off. Wearing the Star Trek pin when conducting a job interview could help you calm the nerves of a prospective employee.

Invites Casual Conversation With the Interviewee

Many recent tech graduates look towards small and mid-sized businesses for their first jobs. Managers of these businesses will hopefully find themselves interviewing and hiring highly talented individuals. A job interview remains an essential cog in this process, but the recent grad may be nervous. That's why the Star Trek pin could prove helpful. Wearing one shows you have a sense of humor and might be a fun boss to work for. The interview could move smoother as a result.

Pop culture-minded grads will likely recognize the pin, but look for these traits in the pins:

  • Detailed Craftsmanship: Several officially licensed Star Trek pins come with subtle details that create an exceptional look. The pin may come with visible insignia reflect a particular series or job description. Details count on lapel pins, and little ones on Star Trek pins may impress. 
  • Limited Editions: Even more impressive is a rare pin released as a limited edition. If the prospective hire is a sci-fi fan, they may recognize the rare nature of the pin right away, and doors to a less stuffy conversation may open. Be sure to put the limited edition pin away afterward. It could become a rare collectible.
  • Eye-Catching: A bronze or stark silver Star Trek lapel pin draws attention. One that places a silver-metallic Starfleet on a bronze "holder" backing that affixes to the lapel could be even more visually appealing. You can't impress if people don't notice the badge, so choose a visually stunning one.

And you could do more than wear the pin. Imagine a collection of Star Trek pins framed and placed on the wall. That would speak volumes about the company and management's "coolness factor." Little touches like these may prove attractive to would-be hires.

If you think Star Trek pins would add to your interview day wardrobe, look for pins sellers in your area.