Two Unique Gift Ideas For Your Son Or Daughter's Graduation From Boot Camp Or Basic Training

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Two Unique Gift Ideas For Your Son Or Daughter's Graduation From Boot Camp Or Basic Training

23 June 2018
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If your son or daughter has shipped off to boot camp or basic training, you may be wondering what types of graduation gifts you can get them after they complete their training. Your recruit will endure rigorous physical, mental, and emotional challenges that will refine and define them for the rest of their lives. Graduation is a monumental achievement that deserves a meaningful gift. While leatherman tools, watches, and gift cards are common gifts to give after graduation, here are two gift ideas that are unique. 

Dedicate a Star 

Did you know that you can dedicate a star for someone? You can choose the name of a star to be recognized in a global star-naming registry. After placing your order, you will receive a certificate that will include the coordinates of the star, the date the star name was registered, the name you chose for the star, and a brief description dedicating your star to your adult child.

You will also receive a star chart to show the exact location of the star in the sky. The star will be visible to the naked eye. The reason this makes such a great gift is that you, while at home, and your son or daughter, while stationed or deployed anywhere in the world, can look for the star in the sky and think of each other. 

Have a Flag Flown Over the Capitol 

Another excellent graduation gift is to request for a United States flag to be flown over the Capitol building in Washington, DC in honor of your son or daughter on the date of their graduation from boot camp or basic training. Alternatively, if your child is in training to become a United States Marine, you can choose the date they will complete The Crucible and receive their EGA (eagle, globe, and anchor), which is the defining moment of when they earn the title of Marine. 

The Capitol Flag Program fulfills more than 100,000 requests annually. To request a flag in honor of your child, you'll need to contact your senator or congressman who can make an official request. You will receive the flag and a certificate of authenticity, which you can then gift wrap and give to your new service member. If the date you choose will be the graduation date then your gift-giving will be delayed slightly, as it can take several weeks for you to receive the flag and certificate after the flag is flown over the Capitol.