Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Bouquet

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Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Bouquet

14 December 2017
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Finding the right flowers for your occasion can be more difficult than you might think. The right colors will not only make your event more beautiful, but will also tell a story. You can have more success putting together your bouquet by avoiding these mistakes.

Don't Try To Replicate Other Bouquets You Have Seen

When you find inspiration for a bouquet, you might be tempted to want to replicate it. While it is a great idea to draw on inspiration to figure out exactly what you like, it is also very difficult to perfectly recreate an image. Instead, you should use the bouquet as a source of inspiration. Flowers that you may see in a magazine can be more stunning than a normal bouquet because the flowers used are exceptional specimens that may not always be in season. 

Don't Be Close-Minded

Make sure to be open-minded about colors you could use in your bouquet. Many who are in the market for flowers do not like a particular color, but a color might be just the thing that the bouquet needs to come together. Also, make sure to not settle on a particular type of flower. There are some flowers that are not in season or might simply not fit with the rest of your decorations.

Don't Forget Your Venue

Take your venue into consideration when choosing flowers. You must take into consideration the colors most dominant in your venue and the style of decor that your venue uses. You may want flowers that are more dynamic or flowers that are simple, clean and elegant.

Don't Forget To Care For Your Flowers

Proper care for your flowers will ensure that they will look their best. For example, some flower heads will open more fully if they are placed in warm water. Use foam so that the flowers can be kept in place so they can be properly hydrated. Make sure to soak the foam before placing it in the container.

Don't Use Flowers Of The Same Size Or Colors That Don't Match

Large and heavy flowers are usually placed in the bouquet first. Then, smaller flowers are used to fill out the spaces left behind. To make the arrangement more interesting, make sure to include flowers of different shapes and sizes to have plenty of variety. Use similar colors, but with different textures, to create a monochromatic look. The bouquet will also look much better when it is taller than its container. Contact a company, like http://www.marineflorists.com, for more help.