Three Ways To Further Personalize Your Cremation Jewelry

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Three Ways To Further Personalize Your Cremation Jewelry

13 December 2017
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Regardless of whether you plan to scatter the cremated remains of your deceased loved one or bury them in a plot at a local cemetery, you may wish to reserve a small amount of the remains to enclose in a piece of cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry is available in many styles, but pendant-style necklaces are common. The premise is that you can fill a small reservoir in the pendant with a pinch of the cremated remains, thus keeping the person close to your heart even after his or her passing. There are several ways to further personalize your cremation jewelry. Here are some options.

Pick The Right Shape

One of the comforting things about buying cremation jewelry is that there are pieces that are available in many different shapes. Even if you're going with a pendant-style necklace, for example, you can often find pendants shaped like many different objects. It can be comforting to find a pendant shape that suits the interests of the person who has passed away, whether it's a small flower shape for someone who loved being out in nature or a football shape for a dedicated football fan.

Get It Engraved

Many cremation jewelry companies can engrave their products for you after you purchase them. This can be a popular choice among those who are looking to make their piece of jewelry feel even more personalized. Depending on the size of the jewelry, there are several different ways that you can approach the engraving process. If you have enough space, the person's name and/or a loving sentiment such as "Always with me" may be desirable. If your space is limited, perhaps even just having your deceased loved one's initials engraved onto the jewelry can work.

Add Other Elements

Some pieces of cremation jewelry are equipped with two small reservoirs inside them, allowing you to place the cremated remains in one and something else in the other. There are a handful of different things that people place. A common choice is a small amount of dirt that is taken from the grave site after the urn with the remains have been buried. Some people opt to place a few tiny pieces of flowers from the funeral, which they've dried in the interim. There are even people who arrange to get a small locket of their late loved one's hair to enclose inside their cremation jewelry alongside the remains.

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