Two Ways Satin-Lined Caps Can Protect Your Hair During The Daytime

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Two Ways Satin-Lined Caps Can Protect Your Hair During The Daytime

7 December 2017
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When many curly-haired people think of satin caps, the ones they wear at night to protect their hair from pillow damage usually comes to mind. However, you can also purchase fashionable designer caps lined with satin that can be worn during the day. Here are two reasons why you would want to invest in adding a few to your wardrobe.

Protect Hair from Travel Damage

If you do any amount of traveling, you know how hard it can be on your curls. In addition to dealing with the havoc environmental changes can wreak on your hair (hello humidity!), you also have to contend with friction damage caused by putting your head on headrests for hours at a time. For instance, one woman describes experiencing extensive breakage in the middle of her head from laying it on a headrest for 12 hours while on a trip in Africa.

Since it can be very uncomfortable sitting up straight so that you avoid placing your head on a headrest, it's better to enlist the help of a satin lined cap. These caps can provide a physical barrier between your hair and headrests, pillows, shoulders, and other things you may lay your head on to eliminate friction damage. Additionally, the cap will prevent these elements from leaching moisture from your hair, which can prevent dryness.

Save Your Hairstyle

As mentioned previously, leaving your home can do a number on your hair. High levels of humidity can cause frizz, while wind and heat can snatch moisture out of your strands. While wearing a scarf can provide protection against the elements, tying one around your head can be hassle, especially if you're only going to run a few errands or need to leave your home fast. Additionally, in today's politically charged climate, wearing a headscarf can be dangerous, even if you don't subscribe to a religion.

Satin-lined caps protect your hairstyle from all the environmental elements (e.g. wind and rain) without the drama. They're easy to put on, and you always have the option to cover all your hair or work a cute style around the cap. Since these caps come in a number of colors and styles, it's easy to match them with your outfits so you always look fashionable.

To learn more about how satin-lined caps can protect your hair or assistance with choosing the right ones for you, contact an online or offline retailer, like Satin Life, that sells them.