How To Decorate With Amethyst Geode Tables

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How To Decorate With Amethyst Geode Tables

8 September 2019
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How can you add a special sparkle to your home décor with amethyst geode tables? If you want to decorate with this natural mineral, take a look at the imaginative (and easy) ways to decorate your space with crystals.

Coffee Tables

The coffee table is more than just a place to put the TV remote. This is the centerpiece of your living room. Amethyst tables are showpieces that can set the tone for the entire room. To decorate with this type of coffee table:

  • Don't worry about complete coordination. Your geode coffee table has pure and white crystals. This doesn't mean you need to paint the walls purple and use a white area rug. Instead, create a color palette that flows from the table and into the rest of the room.
  • Find the just-right space. Where should place the table? The answer depends on the shape of the room and the size of your table. A central area, in front of a sofa or love seat, can spotlight the table and provide a functional feature.
  • Use lighting wisely. Geode crystals shine and sparkle under the right light. Place the table near a lighting source (either artificial or natural) to show off the gems.

Coffee tables aren't the only way to use geodes in your room décor. Read on for more ways to decorate with this natural mineral source.

End Tables

If you don't want to use geodes as a central point of the living space, you can use crystal end tables. This option is ideal if you:

  • Have a small space. A large geode coffee table can take over a small-sized room. A smaller end table can accent the area and still give you room to walk freely.
  • Want to use more than one table. Add multiple tables to the living room. Place one on each side of the couch or use them to bookend a favorite chair or recliner.
  • Want to create an eclectic design. Instead of one type of décor, create an eclectic style with pieces from different design genres. A smaller-sized geode side or end table can add a natural flair to the overall feel.

Along with living room décor, you can also use geodes as part of your bedroom style scheme. Geode furniture is the perfect pairing with a contemporary bedroom set. Add the tables to each side of the bed instead of your regular nightstand.