3 Helpful Preparations For College Graduation Day

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3 Helpful Preparations For College Graduation Day

17 December 2017
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Graduating college is a huge achievement that you shouldn't take lightly. You're about to start new opportunities and do some incredible things. Keep graduation day memorable by preparing in the following ways.

Plan the Night Before

Even if you think you have graduation day worked out in your head, additional preparation never hurts the night before. Lay out what you're going to wear the day of graduation and perhaps after. Look at your formal attire to see if clothes are neatly pressed. If they aren't, put in some work on the iron board. 

You should have received diagrams of the building that is hosting the ceremony. Look at the seating chart and see where you need to be when you first arrive. Knowing these details in advance saves you the stress of searching later and possibly arriving late. 

Be sure to get plenty of sleep the night prior, so that you can wake up early and make sure you have the right essentials. 

Know the Significance of Your Graduation Stole

Graduation stoles, garments that wrap around your gown, have special meaning. They are often used to distinguish students in a certain group or individuals who've achieved something unique academically speaking. Knowing what each stole means ensures you choose the right color.

Check with your department to see what color they've designated for the stole. If you worked hard and achieved honors, listen during rehearsal to see what stole you need to wear. You may also belong to a fraternity or sorority, in which case you can wear what they've selected. Since these stoles feature Greek symbols, they'll often need to be custom made. 

Prepare to Get Hot

Locked in a building with thousands of other people, it's only natural to feel hot. That doesn't mean you can't take proactive measures to stay cool during such a long ceremony. You could, for example, wear formal attire with a breathable, lightweight design. Air can better circulate throughout your clothing, thus preventing you from getting too hot. 

It's also important to stay hydrated during these proceedings, given the excess heat and pressure you may be under. Drinking plenty of water before helps you feel energized and less nauseous, which is particularly important when you're about to head up on stage to receive your degree. 

Graduating college is a once in a lifetime achievement. Everything can go according to plan and stress won't be a factor if you take the right precautions early on. You can walk into the auditorium feeling confident and hopeful for the future.