Area Rugs Are About More Than Style: 3 Ways They Benefit Your Space

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Area Rugs Are About More Than Style: 3 Ways They Benefit Your Space

15 December 2017
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When the average person looks at an area rug, he or she looks at it solely from the angle of aesthetics. Sure, an area rug can drastically improve the look of a room or space, but the reality is that these additions do so much more. Here are just some of the benefits this addition can invite into your home.

Reduced Heating Costs

An area rug can help lower your heating cost. After a long day at work, you come home and take off your shoes. While resting on the couch, you immediately feel the coolness of the hardwood floor tickling your toes. This sensation prompts you to jump up and turn the heat up to knock off some of the chill.

However, if you have an area rug on the floor, you will find warmth instead of coldness. Instead of turning up the heat, you'll stay on the couch comfortably and avoid the extra usage and cost that comes with turning the heating up.

Family Friendly

There is something about the floor that children love. This is true for older kids and infants. However, when you have hardwood, tile or another hard floor surface, you might not be as comfortable with your child playing on the floor.

Installing an area rug in your common areas can help improve your comfort level and give your children more time for fun on the floor. Area rugs are plush and mimic the feel of carpet. This won't just make it more comfortable for your children to roll around on the floor, but it will also make their time simply sitting on the floor more comfortable.

Noise Control

Area rugs can also offer benefits in the area of noise control. First, area rugs help minimize echoes in a space. Instead of the space feeling empty when talking, listening to music or watching television, the rug will help minimize the annoying echo sound.

Areas rugs also provide noise control in that they serve as somewhat of a sound buffer. If you live in an apartment, your neighbor below won't be able to hear your every move with an area rug as they would if you were just moving around on a hard floor. This benefit will keep your neighbor happier and increase your privacy level.

Experiencing these benefits in your home is as simple as finding an area rug you like, so start searching for a rug that will compliment your space. Visit a store, like Carpet Discount Warehouse, for more ideas.